TouchMonitor TMR7

Loudness in Radio Broadcasting: TouchMonitor TMR7

7" Desktop TouchMonitor for Radio Production

Loudness, true peak, PPM, vectorscope, moving-coil instruments, RTA, and correlation: The TMR7 TouchMonitor 4-channel solution featuring 7“ touchscreen and the unique TouchMonitor operating concept integrates all metering options required in radio broadcasting to a solution made to measure. The four audio inputs provided by the two AES3 XLR ports are flexibly configurable for mono, stereo, or multichannel sources, providing separate instruments for each source. This allows parallel monitoring of the on-air signal and a PFL source for example.

  • Measures digital AES3 signals via XLR connector
  • Up to 4 audio channels can be monitored
  • Perfectly adjusted to radio-broadcast requirements

Make it Your Own

TouchMonitor is super flexible.

Our software licensing structure allows you to equip your device with precisely the type of features you are looking for, and with our customizable screen layout you can tailor it to match your exact needs - whether that might be a super simple or a highly advanced setup.
With the tailor made models and their extensive equipment with all essential measuring tools, you can start right out of the box.

Basic Software and Extensions

The fully scalable, modular software concept of the custom models allows flexible configuration according to your needs.

The 4-channel basic software (4 x Mono, 2 x Stereo, 2 x Mono and 1 x Stereo, Peak Hold, Phase Meter, Global Keyboard, Gain-Reduction) can extensively be expanded by activating optional software licences like Loudness, RTA and others.

The tailor made models are already configured and comprehensively equipped with the essential measurement functions; no licenses need to be activated for this. Compare the TMR7 devices >


  • Easy and fast touch screen control with comfortable onscreen help
  • Highly flexible screen layout options with scalable instrument
  • Powerful DSP platform for parallel display of multiple instruments
  • 2 AES3 audio inputs and 2 outputs via XLR (4 channels)
  • Ethernet/LAN, USB, VGA and GPIO ports
  • 7" touch screen 16 : 9 TFT
  • Fully scalable, modular software approach for flexible configuration and easy on-site upgrades
  • Standard Software (4-ch. PPM, TruePeak meter, correlator, global keyboard, gain reduction)
  • Table-top or panel-mount (OEM) unit
  • Other software modules available as options
  • Completely configured models for direct use

Tailor Made Models

With TouchMonitor you have many ways of combining the software. To ease it all up, we have created tailor made models that are completely configured and fit typical applications in radio broadcast.

Custom Models

TouchMonitor TMR7 comes in a variety of incarnations. We have taylor-made completely configured models suited for specific applications, but if none of those fit your needs, you can custom build a TouchMonitor.

Learn more >

Software Options

Every custom device comes with a comprehensive basic software package including all relevant measuring tools and instruments for the immediate use in many applications.
For specific requirements, the feature set can be expanded with software licenses, each containing a number of features.

The tailor made models are already comprehensively equipped with the essential measurement functions and need no licenses to be activated.


1178-R - Wide Range Power Supply

Wide range 100 - 240 V AC/24 V DC 2.71 A, table-top power supply with corresponding power cable for different power supply systems


Further downloads (brochures, manuals & software) can be found on the TMR7 download page.