TM3 Smart

Professional Loudness, True Peak and PPM metering at an affordable price: TM3 Smart

4.3" Desktop TouchMonitor for editorial offices, edit suites, small control rooms

The compact TM3 Smart with full feature set comes with a capacitive 4.3“ touch screen and intuitive preset control at an affordable price. With its feature list, it is the ideal out-of-the box solution for editorial offices, edit suites, small control rooms, and all applications with the need of easy readable loudness-compliant level control. The contained factory presets present a cross-section of the applications, audio connections and standards and allow you to start working right out of the box.

  • Easy to read display unit for horizontal or vertical use and remote interface box
  • Analog or digital Stereo signals, digital 6-channel signals
  • Quick and easy selection of presets with a finger swipe

The Displays

Besides PPM and True Peak instruments, the TM3 Smart features comprehensive loudness measuring features conforming to all relevant international standards (EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770-4/1771-1, ATSC A/85, ARIB, OP-59, AGCOM, CALM Act). Loudness instruments include single-channel and summing bargraphs, loudness range, loudness chart (TP, M, S, or I value over time), and numerical displays. Moving Coil instruments display stereo signals with different scales and modes (PPM, VU, Loudness, BBC). And with the Timecode reader instrument a timecode from an external analog or digital source can be decoded and dipslayed.


  • 4.3“ capacitve touch screen for vertical or horizontal use (Dimensions: 82.5 x 138 x 21/50 mm, W x H x D)
  • Flexible display layout with scalable instruments
  • Separate interface box with audio I/O, USB, GPIO, low voltage connector (Dimensions: 146 x 27 x 85 mm, W x H x D)
  • Audio: analog balanced (D-Sub) or unbalanced (RCA), S/PDIF (RCA), 3 x AES3 (D-Sub)
  • 2-channel Stereo (analog, digital), multichannel (digital), 5.1 (digital), input sources alternatively selectable, max. 6 channels at a time
  • USB 2.0 connector (Mini-B), GPIO connector (RJ-12)
  • Moving Coil instruments
  • Loudness: EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770-4/1771-1, ATSC A/85, ARIB, OP-59, AGCOM, CALM Act, customer specific
  • Single channel and summing loudness bargraphs
  • Loudness Test Time Control
  • Loudness range (LRA) with MagicLRA
  • Loudness chart
  • Timecode Reader
  • PPM & True Peak
  • SPL & Dialnorm
  • Correlation
  • Numerical display
  • Comprehensive set of presets
  • Personalization with Devicer DC1
    The Device Configurator software for Windows® and Mac OS X® is available in the download area (Manuals & Software).

Model Versions

The TouchMonitor TM3 Smart is economical in space due to its division into display unit and interface box. The remote display unit in the desktop housing can be placed almost anywhere, the interface box  under the table or in the console. For installation in front panels, TM3 Smart can be delivered with a display unit in a mounting frame.


  • Display unit in desktop frame
    Dimensions: 82.5 x 138 x 50 mm (W x H x D)
  • Fixed cable (approx. 2 m)
  • Interface box with audio I/O, USB, GPIO, low voltage connector for power supply
    Dimensions: 146 x 27 x 85 mm (W x H x D)
  • Power supply

TM3S + TM3-2U

  • Display unit with mounting frame, USB extension cable,and mounting material
    Dimensions: 160 x 82 x 20.7 mm (W x H x D)
  • Fixed cable (approx. 2 m)
  • Interface box with audio I/O, USB, GPIO, low voltage connector for power supply
    Dimensions: 146 x 27 x 85 mm (W x H x D)
  • Power supply

Configuration with Devicer Software

When it comes to configuring local presets using the Devicer DC1 software application (Windows® and Mac OS X® compatible), the TM3 Smart‘s power and flexibility really shines. Existing presets easily can be personalized and adapted to individual needs. Furthermore, Devicer DC1 allows to create several configuration sets with different presets, which may be uploaded to TM3 Smart as required. Devicer DC1 is available for free in the download area (Manuals & Software).


TM3 Smart can be rack-mounted into 19" environments, using the simultaneously ordered TM3-2U option and the 19"/2U mounting frame.



Option to be ordered simultaneously with TM3S for mounting TM3 devices into rack frame TM3-MA2U or into other appropriate mechanical environments. A display with mounting frame, mounting material, and an USB extension cable is part of the TM3 delivery instead of the display unit with desktop frame. A later replace of the table-top display is not possible.


19“/2U rack carrier/mounting frame to be fitted with up to two TM3 series units which must feature the TM3-2U option. Part of delivery is a blank panel to cover an unused cutout.


1162 - Analog and Digital Snake Cable 2 m

Snake cable, 2 meter, for TM3 interface box, distributes 25p-D-Sub-M to 2 x XLR-F (analog inputs), 3 x XLR-F (AES3 inputs), and 3 x XLR-M (AES3 outputs)

1166 - Display Mounting Plate

Metal mounting plate for display unit to be mounted with 3/8 inch holds (e. g. gooseneck, mic stand)

1178-R - Wide Range Power Supply

Wide range 100 - 240 V AC/24 V DC 2.71 A, table-top power supply with corresponding power cable for different power supply systems


Further downloads (brochures, manuals & software) can be found on the TM3 Smart download page.