Presets for TM9 with SDI and digital-only interfaces

The presets in this section can be used on the following TM9 devices:

  • 20900 or 20900OEM with HW20913 and HW20930
  • 20900 or 20900OEM with HW20914 and HW20930
  • Model TM9-Video

Some presets might require optional licenses.

Please follow the instructions on how to install the presets.

SDI 5.1.4

  • 6-channel Surround (5.1)
  • Instruments:
    Loudness (Sum, Num, Num keys), Chart, PPM, ISA
  • Licenses:
    SW20001: Multichannel
    SW20002: Loudness
    SW20004: SSA
    SW20014: Logging Data Server
    SW20015: ISA