How to Install Presets on a TMR7-Radio | TMR7-Mount

1) Unzip the downloaded ZIP file.
2) Save the preset on a USB flash drive in the directory "rtw\tmr7sh\preset" for horizontally oriented presets (top) or in the directory "rtw\tmr7sv\preset" for vertically oriented presets (bottom).
3) Insert the USB flash drive into your TouchMonitor, touch "Menu > Preset Management > extern" after some seconds and load the preset.

A TMR7-Radio or TMR7-Mount can work with a maximum of 5 presets at a time. They can be placed either internally or on an external USB flash drive.

If your USB flash drive contains more than 5 presets, only the first 5 will be displayed in the TouchMonitor.

The TouchMonitor needs this directory structure on the USB stick to be able to read the external presets.