Downloads LQL - Loudness Quality Logger

The connected TouchMonitor devices should run with firmware version 8-05 or higher.

Please make sure that the Logging Data Server licence SW20014 is activated and the included Logging instrument is placed in an audio group on each TouchMonitor to be connected to LQL PC software!

Software version: Click Help, then About in the application.


System Requirements | Release Notes

Release Notes for version 1.7   
Size: 190 kB


Software Installer

for Windows® systems.
Please read the before downloading the installer.

LQL Software Release 1.7 for Windows® of February 8th, 2022   
Size: 21.5 MB

End User License Agreement   
Size: 1.38 MB



Manual LQL of February 8th, 2022   
for LQL version 1.7 and higher
Size: 4.6 MB


Product Catalogues

Product Information LQL   
Size: 1.93 MB

Product Information LQL (US version)   
Size: 1.9 MB

Product overview Software segment   
Size: 3.21 MB

Product overview Software segment (US version)   
Size: 3.23 MB

Brochure Metering Solutions   
Size: 7.53 MB

Brochure Metering Solutions (US version)   
Size: 7.6 MB