TouchControl 5

Metering meets Monitor Control

Meet TouchControl 5, our Dante® based AoIP monitor controller with metering.
Built on our long and proud legacy of making broadcast-ready monitor controllers, it features a 5” intuitive touchscreen and a small footprint that preserves valuable space at your desktop.
It even features RTW standard precision metering, including SPL, measured using the built-in microphone.

  • Monitoring Control for Dante® Audio over IP Networks
  • Integrated Microphone for SPL Measurement and Talkback
  • RTW Metering with Premium PPM, True Peak and VU

Plugged In

TouchControl 5 is born and raised as a network device. Therefore, it does not need many connections to the outside world, which is how we have been able to build a device with a very small footprint.
The network port not only provides the audio channels, 32 in and 32 out, but also includes power.  On top of that, you’ll also find a pristine 24 bit/96 kHz IO section.

Up Front

On the front of TouchControl 5, the integrated microphone feeds the SPL measurement, and it can also be used for talkback. The 5” touchscreen is user configurable, as is the pushable rotary knob.

Surround Control Engine. Tried, Tested and Approved.

Tried, tested, and approved by many broadcast engineers around the world, you find the very same monitor control engine that you might know from our legacy surround monitor controllers.

The list is long, but let’s emphasize Downmix, Source A/B Compare, SPK Select, Calibrated Monitoring (using the internal microphone OR manual set), SPL Readout, Solo, Cut, Swap, Phase, Mono, Dim, Mute and Test Tone Generator.

Monitor Control from Stereo to 22.2

With support for up to 32 Dante® channels in and out, TouchControl 5 can easily handle channel configurations from stereo to 22.2.

Built for Dante® Audio over IP networks

TouchControl 5 is built for Dante® Audio over IP networks.

It supports 32 channels in and out, up to 96 kHz.

Built-in Microphone for SPL or Talkback

TouchControl 5 features a built-in microphone that can be used for calibrated monitoring.

Alternatively, it acts as a talkback microphone that can address any node in the audio network.

RTW Metering

As you know, metering plays a significant role in any RTW device, and so it does in the TouchControl 5.

The PPM metering engine is taken from our high-end TouchMonitor meters, and you get a wealth of ways to tailor your own metering experience, including scales, color settings and more.

True Peak metering is of course part of the metering story, as well as VU and ‘British PPM’.

Easy Setup with Web-based Interface

Being a true network device, the setup of TouchControl 5 is done through the network, using a standard web browser.

This is where you make the overall settings, manage presets, handle licenses and more.

You can also control the access to the device, including limiting operation to only certain features, avoiding un-intentional use during showtime.

Monitoring Controller in a New Shape

Watch our TouchControl 5 video


Built on the Power of RTW Legacy

TouchControl 5 is built on our long and proud history of making high-end monitoring controllers. Many SurroundControl 31900 and 31960’s are still in use at large broadcast stations around the world.

On the outside, you can clearly see the similarities when comparing with the 30050 Remote Control.

On the inside, you will find even more similarities, as the monitoring engine of TouchControl 5 is built on the monitoring engine from 31900.

TouchControl 5 (2023) and Remote Control 30050 (2004)

SurroundControl 31900

Key Features

  • Level Control of up to 24 (32) Audio Channels.
  • User Configurable 5” Touch Display.
  • Integrated Microphone for Talkback and SPL Measurement.
  • Studio Grade Microphone Input: 48 V Phantom Powered High-quality Microphone Input (XLR).
  • Level Control with User Definable Key Functions: The level control encoder is used to control the level of selected audio channels. It can be pressed for mute or dim.
  • Powerful Headphone Output: 1/4 inch Headphone output with the option of monitoring a user-defined downmix.
  • Analog Speaker Output: 3.5mm speaker output with the option of monitoring a user defined downmix.
  • 24 (32) Channels Level Metering: Up to 32 in various configurations channels can be metered.
  • Easy Setup with Web-based Interface.
  • Dante® Audio over IP Networks.
  • Calibrated Monitoring using internal microphone or manual set.
  • Power over Ethernet: One cable for both audio and power (IEEE 802.3af compliant).
  • Supports 16/24/32 bit and 44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz sample rate.
  • License structure that allows for attractive pricing.
  • Lockable Operation Mode: Fool-proof setup with access only to relevant controls. Prevents unintentional operation during showtime.   
  • Different versions: Table-top unit with basic equipment (order no. 320517ND) or preconfigured model with Multichannel and Monitoring licenses (order no. 320517ND + SW32001 + SW32010).

Software Licenses

Expand the basic feature set with software licenses like Multichannel, Monitoring Control, or other functions as described on the following pages. Purchase and activate the corresponding license according to your needs.


Ethernet Power Injector

Many ethernet switches provide Power over Ethernet (PoE), so in many cases, an additional power supply (ethernet power injector) is not needed for TouchControl 5.

In cases where you do need it, we offer the Power Injector with mains cable for different regions.

Europe or similar: Order number 14554-EU
US or similar: Order number 14554-US
Australia or similar: Order number 14554-AU
UK or similar: Order number 14554-GB
International (all cables): Order number 14554-IN

1166 - Metal Mounting Plate

Using the mounting plate, TouchControl 5 can be mounted on a mic stand or similar (3/8").