Downloads TouchMonitor TM9


Current TouchMonitor Firmware

The firmware version of your unit shall be checked: Touch Menu, then touch Info! Depending on that version, interim updates shall be executed!
Mandatory order of updates: 1-0 --> 1 -15 --> 2-17 --> 2-30 --> 2-38 --> 5-11 --> then higher versions.
Please contact us, if you need interim updates!

1 | Release Notes for version 8-05   
Size: 189.2 kB

2 | TM9 Software Release 8-05 of August 26th, 2021   
Size: 109.99 MB
Precondition: Firmware 5-11 or higher

3 | Acknowledgements: Licenses of software implemented in TM9   
Size: 1.96 MB

Update instructions   
Size: 1.66 MB

Video guide: How to Update Your TouchMonitor   
Größe: 84.62 MB


Firmware for Dante® Network Interface

The firmware version of your Dante® interface shall be checked: Touch Menu, then System, Audio and AoIP Name. With the AoIP Name displayed, you will find the firmware version of your device in the Dante Firmware Update Manager.

1 | Release Notes and update instructions for RTW Dante Firmware 1.04   
Size: 161.98 kB

2 | RTW Dante Firmware 1.04b (for devices with Dante™ interface only)   
Size: 3.73 MB
--- Attention: Use only RTW Dante firmware to update your TouchMonitor. The RTW version of the Dante firmware includes modifications specifically for RTW products, and should not be used for non-RTW Dante products. ---



Software version: Touch Menu, then touch Info.
The unpacked manual folder contains PDF and HTML files. Start manual with click on Start_Manual_TM.pdf.

Manual TM9 of September 1st, 2021   
for software/firmware 8-05 and higher
Size: 68.68 MB

Mounting manual for TM9-MA4U   
Size: 2.8 MB

Manual: Ordering a License   
Size: 2.17 MB

Video guide: How to Activate TouchMonitor LIcenses   
Größe: 176.04 MB



Tutorial about Logging Data Server licence SW20014   
Size: 2.84 MB
The tutorial describes configuration and use of the Logging instrument and how to store logging data.

Tutorial about Immersive Sound Analyzer licence SW20015   
Size: 3.8 MB
The tutorial describes the configuration of a preset for measuring immersive surround formats and the use of the ISA instrument.

Manual Preset Control via GPIO   
Size: 160.14 kB
The instructions describe the settings for remote switching between different presets.


Data Sheets

State: 08/2021

Data sheet TM9 (DIN-A4 format)   
Size: 3.51 MB

Data sheet TM9 (US letter format)   
Size: 3.81 MB


Product Catalogues

Brochure TM9 (DIN-A4 format)   
Size: 3.71 MB

Brochure TM9 (US letter format)   
Size: 3.84 MB

Brochure Metering Solutions (DIN-A4 format)   
Size: 7.53 MB

Brochure Metering Solutions (US letter format)   
Size: 7.6 MB