TouchMonitor TM7 Downloads


Current TouchMonitor Firmware

The firmware version of your unit shall be checked: Touch Menu, then touch Info! Depending on that version, interim updates shall be executed!
Mandatory order of updates: 1-0 --> 1 -15 --> 2-17 --> 2-30 --> 2-38 --> 5-11 --> then higher versions.
Please contact us, if you need interim updates!

1 | Release Notes for version 8-05   
Size: 189.2 kB

2 | TM7 Software Release 8-05 of August 26th, 2021   
Size: 109.99 MB
Precondition: Firmware 5-11 or higher

3 | Acknowledgements: Licenses of software implemented in TM7   
Size: 1.96 MB

Update instructions   
Size: 1.66 MB

Video guide: How to Update Your TouchMonitor   
Größe: 84.62 MB


Firmware for Dante® Network Interface

The firmware version of your Dante® interface shall be checked: Touch Menu, then System, Audio and AoIP Name. With the AoIP Name displayed, you will find the firmware version of your device in the Dante® Firmware Update Manager.

1 | Release Notes and update instructions for RTW Dante Firmware 1.04   
Size: 161.98 kB

2 | RTW Dante Firmware 1.04b (for devices with Dante® interface only)   
Size: 3.73 MB
Attention - Use only RTW Dante firmware to update your TouchMonitor. The RTW version of the Dante firmware includes modifications specifically for RTW products, and should not be used for non-RTW Dante products.



Various horizontal and vertical presets are available for the TouchMonitor series devices, designed for typical analog, digital or AoIP applications.
These can be found on the page with the TouchMonitor Preset Collection.



Software version: Touch Menu, then touch Info.

Manual TM7 of August 21st, 2023   
for software/firmware 8-05 and higher
The document collection contains PDF and HTML files.

Mounting Manual TM7-MA3U, TM7-MAVID   
Size: 2.98 MB

Assembly Instructions for 19"/3U rack frame 1647831   
Size: 2.39 MB

Manual Licence Order   
Size: 1.95 MB

Video guide: How to Activate TouchMonitor LIcenses   
Größe: 176.04 MB

Manual supplement for TM devices with Dante® connection   
Versions: TM7-Dante, 20700 with HW20717, 20700OEM with HW20717
Size: 2.1 MB

Manual supplement for TM devices with Ravenna connection   
Versions: TM7-RAV, 20700 with HW20718, 20700OEM with HW20718
Size: 2.1 MB

Manual supplement for 20700STA   
Pin assignment
Size: 1.6 MB



Tutorial about Logging Data Server licence SW20014   
Size: 2.84 MB
The tutorial describes configuration and use of the Logging instrument and how to store logging data.

Tutorial about Immersive Sound Analyzer licence SW20015   
Size: 3.8 MB
The tutorial describes the configuration of a preset for measuring immersive surround formats and the use of the ISA instrument.

Manual Preset Control via GPIO   
Size: 160.14 kB
The instructions describe the settings for remote switching between different presets.


Data Sheets

State: 05/2024

Data sheet TM7   
Size: 3.57 MB

Data sheet TM7 (US version)   
Size: 3.93 MB

Specific data sheet addendum for 20700STU16   
Size: 2.1 MB

Specific data sheet addendum for 20700STUBE   
Size: 2.1 MB

Specific data sheet addendum for 20701LW   
Size: 2.23 MB


Product Catalogues

Brochure TM7   
Size: 3.71 MB

Brochure TM7 (US version)   
Size: 3.84 MB