Premium PPM and Vectorscope

Still better measuring with special scales and audio vectorscope: Premium PPM and Vectorscope

Expands the basic 4-channel PPM with additional scales, moving coil instruments and 2-channel audio vectorscope

The Premium PPM and Vectorscope license expands the Basic 4-channel PPM (standard software) with additional scales (Zoom, SMPTE, NHK, ARD+9, et al.), additional display modes (segment, classic), and PPM/VU moving coil instruments with different scales and functions. It also provides up to four 2-channel Audio Vectorscopes and a separate phase meter.

With Multichannel Mode license (SW20001) installed, the Multichannel PPM is also extended with the functions of the Premium PPM. Then, the Multi-Correlator with up to 10 phase meters is available.

  • Full implementations of the latest loudness standards and recommendations
  • Bargraphs for summed Loudness with Momentary, Shortterm, Integrated values, and Loudness Range (LRA)
  • Numerical display of all relevant values like M, S, I, LRA, TPmax, Mmax, Smax, Itime


Like the Basic or the Multichannel PPM, the Premium PPM provides vertical or horizontal bargraph displays for the individual channels of the active signal source. It expands its range with scales for special applications (like ARD+9 for broadcasters) or standards (like SMPTE or NHK).
Beside the common "Solid" view (see Basic PPM), a segmented view or the simulation of the gas plasma display included in the former RTW Peakmeters can be selected.

Moving Coil

Moving Coil instrument as horizontal PPM stereo (above) and VU stereo display (below)

Combined PPM and Loudness display, when SW20002 is additionally activated

Vertical stereo display with loudness scale, when SW20002 is additionally activated

In 2-channel stereo mode, the Moving Coil instrument can be selected insteed of the PPM. It provides several scales and setting opitons. The selectable PPM (British) or VU displays can be shown as single or combined, vertical or horizontal instruments.

With activated Loudness and SPL Display license (SW20002), also a display with Loudness scales or a combined PPM and Loudness display (BBC mode) are available.