How to purchase TouchMonitor licenses

A step-by-step guide

Purchasing new licences for your TouchMonitor is quiet simple. Use a USB flash drive to transfer a license file between our web shop and your device. Follow the step-by-step description below and activate the required licences in a few minutes. Further down, you will also find a video.

Insert a USB flash drive to one of the USB ports on the rear panel of your TouchMonitor.
Access the menu and touch the Licences key on the main menu.
The Licences menu with the available licences is displayed.


Choose one or more of the not installed licences. Touch the corresponding order keys, (1) and (2) for example.
Then touch the Export Requests key (3). TouchMonitor creates a licence request file (nnn_nn.lrf) including your complete order, and stores it to the USB flash drive into folder /rtw/licence.



When the successful export is confirmed, touch the Done key.
Wait some seconds in order not to damage the LRF file!
Not until then remove the USB flash drive from your TouchMonitor and insert it to a USB port of your computer.
Upload the LRF file into the web shop.
Then, the costs for your order are displayed. The end price depends on count and type of the included licences. Check the information, you still can interrupt the procedure. Not until you click the "Buy now" button in the shopping cart, a binding purchase will be made.


After the purchase transaction is done, you will receive a LF file (<serial number>_<product number>.lf) including the activated licences. Store this file to the /rtw/licence folder on the USB flash drive, the same folder where the LRF file is stored.

ATTENTION! - To avoid damage of the copied update file, unmount the USB flash drive from the operation system! Not till then remove it from your computer!

Insert the USB flash drive to one of the USB ports of your TouchMonitor.
After some seconds, access the menu and touch the Licences key on the main menu.
The licence file will be recognized. Touch the Import Licence key to import the licence file to the unit.
When the import is finished, reboot the TouchMonitor by touching the Back key.

You can evaluate the successful activation when you access the Licences menu again. Your new licences are now also marked as installed.


Video: How to Activate TouchMonitor Licenses

The following video shows an example of the license order process in detail.