Radar Display

The unique high resolution circular Loudness visualization:
Radar Display

Watch the loudness course on a radar screen

The Radar instrument, developed by TC Electronic, is a high-resolution display of momentary loudness and loudness history in a single, unique Radar view. The circular, color-coded display makes it easy to balance audio visually and to see when level falls below or exceeds the end-listener's loudness range tolerance.

  • High-resolution circular loudness display (Radar)
  • Display of momentary loudness and loudness history
  • TruePeak warning and numerical descriptors with selectable value types

The moving outer ring of the instrument represents the Momentary loudness value changing its color when passing the Target Level. The area inside of this ring showing concentric circles is called Radar view and represents the Shortterm loudness history (1 minute to 24 hours). The thicker circle represents the Target Level, its outer part shows exceedings, the inner part shortfalls.

It is a tremendous help for a mixing engineer or a video editor to know which radar area to stay inside. For example, film sound may fall outside the normal broadcast expectations.

The radar is complemented by a true-peak warning and by two descriptors to characterize the entire loudness ‘landscape’ of a program, film or music track precisely. By default, the numbers displayed are program loudness and loudness range.



Practical Use

  • Watch the momentary loudness and the loudness history at a glance
  • Detect exceedings of the target level
  • Balance the loudness of your program to end-listener's loudness range tolerance
  • Keep your eyes on the true peak value and the loudness range



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