Surround Sound Analyzer (SSA)

The unique, need-to-have tool:
Surround Sound Analyzer

Visualisation of the interaction of all important parameters of surround signals

Unique to the TouchMonitor, the Surrond Sound Analyzer is a pioneering and unique visualisation tool showing the relevant technical and subjective parameters of surround signals in a fast and intuitive way.

  • Comprehensive, yet compact overview of multichannel audio signals up to 7.1
  • Easily read the perceived acoustic focal point
  • Phase Correlation and LFE phase warning to avoid downmix errors

The Surround Sound Analyzer displays a correctly-scaled graphical representation of the relative volumes in the surround sound field.

The interaction of levels (volume, sound pressure level, or loaudness) and the correlation of all channels in the overall surround sound is displayed graphically, providing a very clear overview.

The graphical display has been carefully designed so that the dynamic behaviour of all display elements corresponds to the subjective listening impression, showing the balance of the surround program intuitively and at a glance.

Phase Correlation Bars

Phantom Source Indicators

The Total Volume Indicator displays the total volume and balance of the audio material in a single view.