Downloads TM3-Primus


Current Firmware

Check the firmware version of your device: Touch and hold the screen for more than 5 s, until the menu is displayed. Touch System parameter. In field Firmware version at the bottom of the screen, the firmware number is displayed.

Release Notes for version 2-00   
Size: 75.75 kB

Firmware version 2-00 of April 12th, 2019   
Size: 37.43 MB

Acknowledgements: Licenses of software implemented in TM3-Primus   
Size: 2.01 MB

Update instructions   
Size: 1.74 MB


Software Installer

Additional audio driver for computers with Windows® operating system
Use the delivered USB connecting cable to connect TM3-Primus to the computer, on which you want to install the driver. Define TM3-Primus as standard audio output device as described in the Read-me file included in the ZIP file.
Please read the

RTW USB Audio Driver for Windows®   
Size: 1.45 MB

End User License Agreement   
Size: 60 kB



TM3-Primus USB audio setup description   
for Mac OS X® systems
Size: 139.73 kB

TM3-Primus USB audio and driver setup description   
for Windows® systems
Size: 141.63 kB

Quick Start Guide   
Manual version 2.1 (firmware version 2-00 and higher)
Size: 2.64 MB

Detailed Operating Manual   
Manual version 2.1 (firmware version 2-00 and higher) including USB Connect
Size: 5.9 MB


Data Sheets

State: 08/2020

Data sheet TM3-Primus   
Size: 2.6 MB

Data sheet TM3-Primus (US version)   
Size: 2.58 MB


Product Catalogues

Product Information TM3-Primus   
Size: 1.79 MB

Product Information TM3-Primus (US version)   
Size: 1.82 MB

Brochure Metering Solutions   
Size: 7.53 MB

Brochure Metering Solutions (US version)   
Size: 7.6 MB