Generate and comprehensively analyze test signals: BLITS

Tool to generate line test signals and automatic analysis of received BLITS 5.1 test signals

The BLITS instrument is used for analyzing of BLITS signals and for generating BLITS and Stereo Ident signals (EBU-3304, GLITS). The especially developed analyzer for the BLITS test tone sequence allows a user friendly and comprehensive analysis and display of level, channel allocation, phase, delay and polarity of incoming digital audio signals in 5.1 mode.

  • Generating BLITS and Stereo Ident signals
  • Comprehensive analysis of incoming BLITS signals
  • Display of signal quality

BLITS (Black & Lane's Ident Tones für Surround) is a tool to allow testing for channel allocation, level and phase of 5.1 surround signals. Developed by Martin Black and Keith Lane from Sky TV in London in 2004, this sequence is widely used in international broadcasting.

With the Generator mode activated, the BLITS instrument on the screen shows an outgoing BLITS or Stereo Ident signal by the use of green marks on the Generator line. Its signals have been adjusted to the corresponding channels in the output routing menu. An intro wave file resp. station header can be added to the sequence.


With the Analyzer mode activated, the BLITS instrument on the screen shows an incoming BLITS signal by the use of green marks on the Analyzer line. When the signal has completely been received, the signal quality is displayed on status bars, being green coloured, if everything is alright, but red coloured, if there is any error. In the report below the bars, the different values for each channel are listed and can be analyzed.




Practical Use

  • Send and control outgoing BLITS and Stereo Ident sequences
  • Measure incoming BLITS test tone sequences
  • Control the common signal quality
  • Analyze channel allocation, level, phase, delay and polarity
  • Check your transmission lines



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