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IBC 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

From September 11 to 15, 2015, booth 8.D89, RTW presents Continuous Loudness Control (CLC), the USB hybrid function of the ultra-compact TM3-Primus with RTW USB Connect, and updates for Masterclass PlugIns and TM7/TM9.

Visit us from September 11 to 15, 2015, on booth 8.D89 at IBC in Amsterdam.
We are pleased to announce the unveiling of the Continuous Loudness Control software. Available as DAW plug-in and stand-alone application, the new product of the Masterclass PlugIns series features the loudness correction algorithm developed and patented by Institut for Rundfunktechnik (IRT) for Loudness- and Loudness range target control with „Adaptive Morphing Technologie“ according to all known standards including max TruePeak adjustment. Please read the Press Release (Download).

We also present the RTW USB Connect software (DAW plug-in and stand-alone application) and the USB hybrid function of TM3-Primus for direct access of audio signals from a DAW. Monitor and meter at the same time. Please read the Press Release (Download).

The USB Connect function is also a feature of the RTW Mastering Tools and the RTW Loudness Tools (Masterclass PlugIns series), but not the only one: With the update to version 3.0 these tools can be operated as DAW plug-in and as stand-alone application. The software now adheres to SAWA and TASA cinema loudness standards and its window frame is modified to be freely scalable. The RTA instrument included in the RTW Mastering Tools now supports a 12th octave mode. Please read the Press Release (Download).

TM/TM9 TouchMonitor series will also get an update. Like in Mastering Tools, SAWA and TASA cinema loudness standards and the 12th octave enhancement of the RTA instrument will be available. Tolerance ranges for the loudness measurements can be asymmetrical and individual adjusted. The additional numerical display Itime will inform the user of the length of an integrated measurement. Please read the Press Release (Download).

Last but not least - Celebrate with us: For 50 years, RTW has designed, produced, and marketed innovative instruments and technologies for visual audio monitoring. Please read the Press Release (Download).

Executives are looking forward to seeing you and are pleased to discuss the details.

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