Downloads 10800X Series SurroundMonitor

2- to 8-Channel Surround Monitors Analog and/or Digital

Table-top units, panel-mount units for consoles, half-19" plug-in module
D-sub connectors, 2 TFT displays, 8 analog and/or 4 x transformer-balanced AES/EBU inputs, AES outputs, Stereo to 5.1 Surround



Please note the specific version of your instrument!
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Manual SurroundMonitor 10800X Series for Version V6-0   
all models
Size: 22.18 MB

Manual SurroundMonitor 10860X-VID for Version V5-0   
especially for model 10860X-VID version V5-0
Size: 15.55 MB

Manual SurroundMonitor 10800X Series for Version V4-3   
all models with version V4-3
Size: 4.86 MB


Data Sheets

Data Sheet 10800X-PLUS   
Table-top unit
Size: 854 kB

Data Sheet 10809X-PLUS   
Table-top unit, digital in- and outputs only
Size: 779 kB

Data Sheet 10810-203   
Panel-mount unit for Studer consoles
Size: 803 kB

Data Sheet 10820-203   
Panel-mount unit for Lawo consoles
Size: 799 kB

Data Sheet 10830-218   
Panel-mount unit for SSL consoles
Size: 800 kB

Data Sheet 10860X-VID   
Half-19"/3U plug-in module
Size: 812 kB


Product Catalogues

Brochure 10800X Series   
Size: 2.19 MB

Brochure 10860-VID   
Size: 725 kB