SW32006: Premium Metering

Pro Feature Metering and Moving Coil

Extension with additional scales, advanced settings and moving coil instrument

The Premium Metering license expands the basic PPM instrument with additional scales, advanced settings and the moving coil instrument.

  • Expands the basic 4-channel PPM with additional scales
  • Advanced settings including color setup
  • Moving Coil (VU or British PPM) Instrument

For signals with more than four channels, software license SW32001 is required.


The basic PPM instrument uses the TP60: +3..-60 dB scale, and the Premium Metering adds much more scales.

TP20: +3..-30 dB
Dig60: 0..-60 dB
Dig40: +20..-40 dB
Dig20: 0..-20 dB
Dig0: 18..0 dB
Dig18: +18..-18 dB
ARD9: +9..-60 dB
DIN5, +5..-50 dB

DIN10: +10..-50 dB
Nordic: +12..-42 dB
BRIIa: 7..1
BRIIb: -12..+12
BRIIa ext: 7..1
BRIIb ext: -12..+12 dB
ZOOM1: +1..-1 dB
ZOOM10: +10..-10 dB

On top of the additional scales, the license features advanced settings like scale marker, DC filter, spot correlator, integration time and custom colors.

Moving Coil

In 2-channel stereo mode, the Moving Coil instrument can be selected insteed of the PPM. It provides several scales and setting opitons. The selectable PPM (British) or VU displays can be shown as single or combined, vertical or horizontal instruments.

With activated Loudness & SPL Display license (SW32002), also a display with Loudness scales or a combined PPM and Loudness display (BBC mode) are available.


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