SW32010: Monitor Control

Monitor Control RTW Style

Comprehensive set of tools for monitoring

The Monitor Control license expands the basic version with a comprehensive set of tools for Monitoring, including downmix, source select, speaker set select, calibrated monitoring as well as trim, delay and eq for each speaker channel.

  • Fully equipped Monitor Control with Downmix
  • Calibration tools including test tone generator for optimal speaker setup
  • SPL readout and calibrated level recall
  • Surround Control Engine. Tried, Tested and Approved

For signals with more than four channels, software license SW32001 is required.
For Immersive formats and/or Bass Management, software license SW32020 is required.

Speaker Instrument

The Speaker instrument is the core of the Monitor Control, and it supports channel formats up to 22.2 (with SW32020), including immersive formats like 7.1.4 (with SW32020).
The source select feature lets you toggle between sources for easy comparison.
On the output side, you can set up two speakers sets and easily switch between them or you can listen to your work with your favorite headphones using the headphones output.

Each speaker can be muted or soloed, and you can turn the phase. Furthermore, the swap feature for the 5.1 surround format lets you swap speaker positions, for instance if you’d like to listen to your rear channels in your front speakers.

Speaker Calibration

The speakers in your setup can be calibrated with regards to level, gain and EQ.
The support for measurement microphones, the built-in test tone generator and the live-input SPL meter is the optimal tool combination for calibrating your speaker levels to ensure they are perfectly aligned.
Furthermore, you can set individual delay and a 4-band EQ is available for each speaker channel in your system.
Calibrated speaker levels can easily be recalled by the press of the knob.

Downmix Instrument

Stereo downmix (L/R) and Mono downmix (M)

The downmix instrument outputs your 5.1 or 7.1 mix in stereo and mono.
The downmixed signal can be monitored on speakers or phones or routed back into the unit for metering purposes.

SPL Meter

The SPL meter shows the calculated SPL value of your input signal.
You can show SPL either as a bar graph or as a number.

The talkback feature lets you talk to speakers or any destination in your Dante network.

LF Boost lets you boost your low frequencies with 10 dB.


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