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7" Desktop TouchMonitor for AoIP network based Post Production, TV Broadcast and Video Editing

  • 7 inch TouchMonitor desktop unit with power supply
  • 32 channel Dante® AoIP

7 inch desktop TouchMonitor with a 16:9 TFT touch screen display.
32 channel Dante® AoiP I/O via dedicated primary and secondary RJ-45 connectors.
VGA video signal output, RJ-45 Ethernet connectivity, 2 USB 2.0 ports, a GPIO port and a 12 - 24 V DC interlocking power connector Binder 710 type.
Standard software. Power supply 1178-R included.

Order No.: TM7-Dante

Basic Software

The unit comes with a basic software package. Beside the control functions, this software is able to process the signals of up to 4 routed channels in a maximum count of 4 groups at a time (up to 4 x Mono, 2 x 2-channel Stereo, 1 x 2-channel Stereo and up to 2 x Mono; no 3.1).

  • 4-channel PPM and TruePeak Meter for 4 x Mono to 2 x Stereo
  • Stereo Correlator for display of phase relationship, AES Status, Gain Reduction, Global Keyboard
  • Software licenses allow flexible configuration according to your needs

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Recommended Software Licenses

For multi-channel, surround sound, loudness and more detailed audio analysis, we recommend the use of the following licenses

  • SW20001 for multi-channel operation
  • SW20002 for EBU, ITU, CalmAct Loudness and SPL display
  • SW20004 with Surround Sound Analyzer
  • SW20006 with up to four audio vectorscopes, multistandard PPM/VU moving coil emulation