Update your TC Electronic branded TouchMonitor to RTW standards: TC-RTW

The TC-RTW license converts TouchMonitor devices that are branded TC Electronic to RTW latest standards, allowing installation of upcoming licenses with new product functionalities (e. g. Immersive Sound Analyzer).

  • Update your TC Electronic TouchMonitor to the latest RTW standards
  • Allows you to use the latest licenses and features
  • Re-labeling to RTW TouchMonitor

After the license has been activated and you have updated the firmware, the unit will start with the RTW boot screen and same feature set as current RTW devices. Additionally, customers get the RTW logo as label to replace the TC logo.

Practical Use

  • Make a RTW TouchMonitor out of your TC electronic® TM
  • Use the latest licenses and functions of the RTW units
  • Get upcoming product extensions


  • TC Electronic branded TouchMonitor TM7 or TM9 with firmware 6-01 or higher


How do I order licenses? Order item: SW20021



€ 450.00 | $ 517.50
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