TM3 Smart Downloads

On this page, you will find the downloads for the current model TM3 Smart.
Firmware updates for the previous versions TM3 and TM3-6CH can be found on the TouchMonitor TM3 page in the archive.


Current Firmware

Check the firmware version of your device: Start the Devicer DC1 configuration software, click there on the large gear wheel in the top center and open the settings. Then click on the Info tab.

1 | Release Notes for version 5-02   
Size: 76.29 kB

2 | Firmware version 5-02 of April 12th, 2019 (service release)   
Size: 34.77 MB

3 | Acknowledgements: Licenses of software implemented in TM3 Smart   
Size: 1.85 MB

Update instructions   
Size: 5.81 MB


Software Installer Devicer DC1

Device Configurator software for personalizing TM3 Smart
Please read the

Devicer DC1 V3.50 for Mac OS X®, version 10.6. to 10.9.   
Size: 43.84 MB
Release Notes see Firmware.

Devicer DC1 V3.50 for Windows®   
Size: 32.05 MB
Release Notes see Firmware. Please unpack the ZIP file, then start the setup.

Acknowledgements: Licenses of the implemented software   
Size: 1.87 MB

End User License Agreement   
Size: 1.64 MB



Operating Manual TM3 Smart   
Manual version 3.2
Size: 5.31 MB

Operating Manual Devicer DC1   
Manual version 2.0
Size: 9.09 MB

Guide for Device Installation in TM3-MA2U   
for TM3 Smart with TM3-2U
Size: 4.17 MB

Manual Extension Cable 1161   
TM3 Smart accessory
Size: 2.01 MB

Manual Metal Mounting Plate 1166   
TM3 Smart accessory
Size: 915.68 kB


Data Sheets

State: 04/2021

Data sheet TM3 Smart   
Size: 3.04 MB

Data sheet TM3 Smart (US version)   
Size: 3.26 MB


Product Catalogues

Brochure TM3 Smart   
Size: 2.25 MB

Brochure TM3 Smart (US version)   
Size: 2.32 MB

Product Information TM3 Rackmounting   
Size: 1.76 MB

Product Information TM3 Rackmounting (US version)   
Size: 1.78 MB

Brochure Metering Solutions   
Size: 7.53 MB

Brochure Metering Solutions (US version)   
Size: 7.6 MB