Basic Software

Control and Metering of Dante® Channels

Basic tools of the TouchControl 5

Every TouchControl 5 comes with a basic software package with metering and level control of up to 4 out of 32 Dante® channels.
You can route from any Dante® channel to Mono, Stereo or Multichannel up to 4 channels.

  • 4-channel Dante® level control of multiple groups of channels
  • 4-channel metering for Mono, Stereo or Multichannel up to 4 channels
  • Fader and metering PPM, True-peak and correlation
  • Talkback feature for intercom

4-Channel Level Control with Fader Instrument

Examples of different fader groups: mono, stereo or 4-channel. The basic version can monitor up to 4 channels, but can be expanded to 32 channels with the multichannel license (SW32001).

Each TouchControl 5 comes with the Fader instrument that allows level control of any Dante® channel, and you can freely configure each fader to control the number of channels you wish.
More faders can be combined, so you can control multiple groups of channels, and if you do so, levels are controlled relatively, using TouchControl 5's knob.
TouchControl 5's touch screen can of course also be used to control each fader.

Basic 4-Channel PPM and TruePeak Meter

Beside the level control fader instrument, TouchControl 5 also comes with a basic PPM meter for reliable measurement of any Dante® channel.
Beside PPM, there is a correlation indicator that helps identifying stereo correlation problems.
The switchable peak hold indicator, peak memory and over indicator complete the functionality.

Intercom Talkback using the built-in microphone

TouchControl 5 features a built-in microphone. In the basic version, the microphone can be used for intercom talkback and can address any node in the audio network.

Software Licenses

Expand the basic feature set with software licenses like Multichannel, Monitoring Control, or other functions as described on the following pages. Purchase and activate the corresponding license according to your needs.