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New Feature Applies to Forthcoming Versions of the Company’s Continuous Loudness Control, Mastering Tools and Loudness Tools Plug-Ins

COLOGNE, JULY 12, 2018 – RTW, a leading vendor of visual audio meters and monitoring devices for professional broadcast, production, post production and quality control, has announced the forthcoming availability of floating licenses for its Masterclass Plug-ins. Starting in Q3 of this year, RTW’s Mastering Tools, Continuous Loudness Control (CLC) and Loudness Tools software will be updated to include this new licensing.

Large broadcasters, film houses, recording studios, houses of worship and universities will especially benefit from this new licensing feature, which works within a local network. Further, the organizations’ IT departments will have an easy go at the installations, which will be available via the iLok License Manager application. This feature makes it possible to configure one networked computer as the primary server for the program. When a user needs to work with the Masterclass Plug-ins, they can use any PC/Mac on the network to connect to the iLok Server and access a license.

The RTW Continuous Loudness Control (CLC) plug-in allows unknown live audio and audio files to be processed to a given loudness value with no change to the original loudness range and protection of its true peak value. CLC further improves the quality of loudness control through various enhancements, such as batch processing, extended format support, Mmax and Smax limiting and optimized presets for streaming audio, among others. CLC is best-suited for live audio, DAW and recorded audio, but broadcasters also benefit from its automated analysis and processing.

RTW’s Loudness Tools and Mastering Tools are easy-to-use plug-ins that provide custom specifications and help to ensure compliance. The Loudness Tools application features metering and loudness displays for mono, stereo, multi-channel and surround applications, as well as all standard sampling rates up to 96 kHz, including the widely used PPM and TruePeak measurements. The Mastering Tools application provides analysis and display functions for mastering, metering and loudness measurement for single- and multi-channel applications, including PPM scales and displays, VU appearance and TruePPM measurements. Both applications are exact copies of features found within RTW’s TM7 and TM9 meters, and are ideal for musicians, producers and engineers who work directly with broadcasters and must thereby meet all industry loudness standards.

The associated iLok License Manager is available as a free download direct from the iLok website and can be used with a wide array of software, making it an ideal option for any multi-user site. The iLok Server License is sold by RTW and is required for using the floating licenses.

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