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New Firmware Update for TM3, TM3-6CH, TM3-3G, and TM3 Smart Series

COLOGNE, GERMANY, FEBRUARY 27, 2015 –For the TM3, TM3-6CH, and TM3-3G units, firmware version 3.50 allows the purchase of a software bundle as a licence upgrade for activating all licences and for expanding the completed feature set with the Loudness Chart instrument (TM3-SWB1 for TM3, TM3-SWB2 for TM3-6CH, TM3-SWB3 for TM3-3G). When the corresponding software bundle has been installed, upcoming instruments and functions can be added via firmware update. For the completely equipped TM3 Smart and TM3-3G Smart units, firmware version 3.50 expands the feature set with the Loudness Chart instrument.

The Loudness Chart instrument is used to display the progress of a measurement (TP, M, S, or I value over time) as a line or colored area under curve on a coordinate system with selectable time range. Additionally, the tolerance range can be displayed as a kind of corridor. A dynamic line shows the position of the Relative Gate in relation to the I value, and an additional bargraph for the display of the current I loudness value can be selected.

For existing units the firmware is available for download. See the Audio Monitors/TouchMonitor TM3 section resp. Audio Monitors/TouchMonitor TM3-3G section of members area (Manuals & Software).

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