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Loudness Tools and Mastering Tools are discontinued

Further development ceased

Dear Customer,

At RTW we are dedicated to bringing our measurement technology to our customers eyes and hands, and in our efforts to do so, part of our product strategy has been to develop plug-ins for audio- and video-workstations.

As we see a growing need to focus our development resources on fewer projects, we have decided to discontinue our non-hardware related plug-ins: Loudness Tools and Mastering Tools.

Software products that are directly related to our hardware - USB Connect (plug-in for TM3 Primus), Devicer (configuration tool for TM3) and LQL (Loudness Quality Logger app for Windows) - are not affected by this decision.

We will continue our dedication to deliver tools for visualizing and controlling audio for broadcast, post-production, live environments, and any application where audio-visualization and -control is key.

If you own one of the plug-ins, you can of course continue to use it as usual, and you will be able to use the iLok system to move licenses between your devices until January 1st, 2028.

Best Regards,

Your RTW Team

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