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RTW kündigt auf der IBC 2013 LQL - Loudness Quality Logger Software für TouchMonitor TM7, TMR7 und TM9 an

Logging-Konsole zur Erfassung von Loudness- und TruePeak-Daten mittels IP-Verbindung

LQL - Loudness Quality Logger

Die RTW TouchMonitor Serie umfasst hochwertige Audio-Überwachungs-Instrumente, die in den verschiedensten Broadcast-Bereichen eingesetzt werden. Teil der Funktionalität der Geräte ist die Messung der Loudness eingehender Audio-Daten. Für viele Anwendungen wird das Ergebnis der Messungen in Echtzeit visualisiert, aber es besteht ebenso ein großer Bedarf nach Erfassung der Daten über einen längeren Zeitraum.

Mit dem LQL - Loudness Quality Logger bietet RTW eine Logging-Konsole, mit der Daten aus verschiedenen TouchMonitor-Geräten direkt über eine IP-Verbindung oder von externen USB-Speichermedien abgerufen werden können und die eine unabhängige Speichermöglichkeit mit zusätzlichen Eigenschaften bietet.

Die erste Version der Loudness-Quality-Logger-Software läuft auf PCs mit Windows®-Betriebssystem. Der LQL erlaubt die Erfassung Timecode- oder Echtzeit-basierter Loudness- und TruePeak-Daten von verschiedenen TouchMonitor-Geräten und Audiogruppen auf diesen Geräten. Primäre und sekundäre Grenzwerte können zur Auslösung verschiedener Warnungen definiert werden. Alle Status-Informationen des Gerätes werden zusammen mit den erfassten Daten gespeichert. Status-Übersicht, vielfältige Report-Funktionen und Daten-Export gehören zum Ausstattungsumfang des LQL.

Die LQL-PC-Software ist kostenlos erhältlich. Zur Übertragung der Daten ins Netzwork benötigt ein TouchMonitor die Freischaltung der Lizenz mit dem LQL-Instrument auf dem Gerät.

Im folgenden die auf der IBC veröffentlichte Pressemeldung in englisch:


AMSTERDAM, 13 SEPTEMBER, 2013 – RTW, a leading vendor of visual audio meters and monitoring devices for professional broadcast, production, post production and quality control, is pleased to debut at IBC 2013 (Stand 8.D92) its LQL (Loudness Quality Logger) a new tool for logging, true-peak data analysis and reporting that is compatible with the TM7, TMR7 and TM9 TouchMonitor line of products. The LQL license (SW20014) is a natural extension of RTW’s range of innovative software options for the 7- and 9-inch line of TouchMonitor audio meters. RTW executives will be on-hand to demo and discuss this new software at the company’s IBC stand.

LQL enables data to be derived directly via an IP-connection from a capable TouchMonitor audio meter, as well as from external storage media such as a USB stick. Also included in the software are dual limit weighting, status information, marker and various other reporting features. The new PC software is free of charge to users, however the SW20014 LQL license is required to enable a TM7, TMR7 or TM9 series meter to be compatible with data export and additional display functions.

“The new Loudness Quality Logger is quite a milestone for RTW,” says Andreas Tweitmann, CEO, RTW. “When we first developed the concept for the TouchMonitor, we knew it would be necessary to continue researching and developing tools that would keep up with and be one step ahead of technology for managing loudness. With the ability for the user to obtain a log, analysis and reporting, their experience is enhanced even further, providing them with an essential solution unlike ever before.”

The TM7 and TM9 series TouchMonitors, which include the innovative Magic LRA instrument, feature a 7- and 9-inch touch-sensitive display, respectively, and provide unparalleled flexibility and modularity, combined with intuitive control. The software visualizes multiple sources simultaneously. Both support displaying the same signal on multiple instruments in parallel, each with dedicated defaults with both horizontal and vertical operation. TM7 visualizes up to 40 sources at the same time, while the TM9 visualizes up to 48 and the TMR7, specifically designed for radio broadcasting, visualizes up to four.

Various audio interfaces and combinations are available i.e. analog, AES3, AES3id or 3G-SDI. RTW’s entire TouchMonitor range was created to help adhere to all major industry loudness standards, including EBU R128, ITU BS.1770-3/1771-1, ATSC A/85 and ARIB.

About RTW
For more than 45 years, Cologne-based RTW has accompanied the steady technological progress in the professional audio industry with innovative instruments and technologies for visual audio monitoring in broadcast, production, post production and quality control. Its state-of-the-art audio and loudness metering systems have an excellent reputation throughout the world. With groundbreaking products such as the Surround Sound Analyzer, the company has been a key vendor of professional broadcast and audio metering equipment for decades.

RTW’s range of products currently include the SurroundControl series for monitoring, controlling and routing stereo, multichannel and surround audio and the TouchMonitor range, which truly marks a paradigm shift in visual audio monitoring and loudness metering. Combining maximum flexibility and modularity with an intuitive touch-enabled surface and multichannel signal analysis, the -Touchmonitor units are the essence of many years of experience. The attractively priced TouchMonitor TM3 entry-level system opens new markets, targeting applications such as journalist cubicles, edit suites and small control rooms.

As part of its expansion into the U.S. market, in 2013 RTW established RTW International Corp. in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The new office is the first U.S. location launched by RTW, showing the company’s dedication to supporting its customers and dealer networks in the U.S. The new U.S. office will house all customer service, repair and final product assembly activities for U.S.-based RTW customers.

For more information on RTW, visit www.rtw.de, www.facebook.com/rtw.de or call +49 221 709130. For more information on RTW International Corp., visit www.rtw.com or call 877-938-7221.

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