Kanal-/Over-Anzeige 5.1 PPM Headroom DIN-Skala Headroom DIN-Skala Normalbereich der DIN-Skala Normalbereich der DIN-Skala Numerische Anzeige der PPM-Werte 0-dB-Marke auf der DIN-Skala der PPM-Bargraphen DIN-Skala der PPM-Bargraphen DIN-Skala der PPM-Bargraphen Spot-Korrelator des Stereo-Kanalpaares

Basic PPM

Example: A 2-channel Stereo PPM with analog DIN scale

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The PPM or Program Meter provides vertical or horizontal peak level bargraph displays for the individual channels of the active signal source. Using the Program Meter, please ensure that the levels and loudness values of the individual channels correspond to the requirements defined for the audio program measured.

The signal levels for each channel, displayed in yellow, can be presented as Quasi-Peakmeter (PPM), using one of the common scales such as DIN, British or Nordic, or with the newly developed True Peak scale conforming to the most recent standards. True Peak measurements have been introduced to make sure that high-level audio signals cannot produce unwanted artifacts even when processing them in a codec for data reduction, in a sample rate converter or a D/A converter. For codec processing, the EBU R128 recommends a maximum level of -3 dBTP. For all other applications, it recommends a maximum level of -1 dBTP.