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Loudness Num

The example shows all selectable value, based on a relative LU scale with the Target Level at 0 LU.

Move the mouse accross the display elements to get the corresponding descriptions.


The Loudness Num instrument provides numerical readouts of the following loudness measurements:

  • M (Momentary): Summed momentary loudness measurements of the individual channels using an integration time of mostly 400 ms (acc. to standard).
  • S (Short Term): Summed loudness measurement using an integration time of mostly 3 s and a sliding window (acc. to standard).
  • I (Integrated): Overall program loudness between defined start and end points. Use the adjustable test time control or manually the Start, Stop and Reset buttons to execute this measurement.
  • LRA: Loudness Range
  • TPmax: The highest measured True Peak value in dBFS
  • Mmax: The highest measured Momentary value
  • Smax: The highest measured Shortterm value
  • Itime: Duration of the current Loudness measurement

If needed, the numerical readouts of these individual loudness measurements can be activated or disabled individually. The values of current running measurements for I, LRA, TPmax Mmax, and Smax values will be colored green, those of stopped measurements yellow. If values are exceeding the upper limits, they will be colored red.

In order to conform to the individual loudness standard used or to other delivery standards, the measured program should read the „Integrated“ target level of this standard. Using EBU R128, it should read 0 LU on a relative scale or –23 LUFS on an absolute scale.