Archived: PeakMonitor

Archival: PeakMonitor

With the compact frame size used for vectorscopes as well, the PeakMonitor is an space saving insert module for monitoring up to 8 channels with peakmeters. With only 66 mm depth and front panels of 140 mm height and 120 mm resp. 140 mm width, the PeakMonitor is a excellent choice for monitoring multi-channel audio productions or signal transmission paths. There are special display configurations for using the instruments with mono, stereo or 5.1 surround modes. 95 mm wide bargraphs with individually selectable colors for each channel asure optimum reading precision even beyond normal viewing distances.



  • Analog and AES/EBU inputs
  • 8 switching outputs
  • Mixed mode level display
  • 8-ch. multi-standard Peak Program Meter (PPM)
  • Peak value memory, peak hold, and Over detector for all channels
  • Spot phase correlation meter
  • AES/EBU status monitor
  • 5" color TFT display

Archived Models

1090-120    - no longer available -
Insert module (140 x 120 x 66 mm) for 140 mm environments with 5" color TFT display (102 x 75 mm) and

  • 8 ch. analog In (VG)
  • 8 ch. digital In (1 x AES/EBU In, VG)
  • 8 ch. switching outputs (VG)
  • Mixed mode

1090-140    - no longer available -
same as 1090-120, but with 140 mm width front panel


This example shows the 8-channel Peak Program Meter with integrated peak hold indicators.

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