Loudness Measuring by RTW



The following article has been published in IBE magazine, issue July/August 2010:


Loud and clear

Today, broadcasting and practically the entire global multimedia industry faces an historic opportunity - to effectively eliminate the notorious problem of inconsistent loudness being pushed to absolute limits. Mike Kahsnitz, chief technology officer at RTW and a member of the EBU P/Loud project group, describes the current state of international standardisation efforts.For more than 40 years, Cologne-based RTW has been an industry leader in professional audio. Specialising in audio metering and visualisation, the company first became involved in loudness metering 20 years ago. While normal level metering using PPM instruments or VU meters plays an important role in analysing audio with regard to technical standards, RTW realised in the early 90s, however, that this approach was inadequate as the only means of level adjustment from an aesthetic point of view. This is because it does not alloy for visualising individually perceived loudness when listening to audio very well. Therefore, RTW soon started developing . . .


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Another interesting article has been published in tv-bay magazine,
issue 039, March 2010 (the magazine changed its name to kitplus):


Breaking Down Loudness Control

Q & A with Mike Kahsnitz, technical director of RTW

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