Standard Software

The basis with all relevant measuring tools for immediate use

  • 4-channel PPM and TruePeak Meter for 4 x Mono to 2 x Stereo
  • Stereo Correlator for display of phase relationship, AES Status, Gain Reduction, Global Keyboard
  • Software modules allow flexible configuration according to your needs

Every TouchMonitor comes with a basic software package. Beside the control functions, this software is able to process the signals of up to 4 routed channels in a maximum count of 4 groups at a time (up to 4 x Mono, 2 x 2-channel Stereo, 1 x 2-channel Stereo and up to 2 x Mono; no 3.1).


Core of the display is the 4-channel PPM and TruePeak Meter including analog and/or digital scales depending on the mounted audio interface. Basically, DIN5, Nordic, British IIa or British IIb are available as analog scales, and 0 to -60 dB, +3 to -60 dB TruePeak, DIN5, Nordic, British IIa and IIb as digital scales. The switchable Peak Hold display, Peak Memory and the Over Indicator complete the functionality.


With the Stereo Correlator you are able to display the phase relationship between the two channels of a stereo signal and to evaluate the stereo compatibility.


The Gain Reduction instrument displays external gain reduction data, for example the compressor activity of a mixing desk channel, that can be fed to the TouchMonitor via its Network interface and TCP/IP. Suitable gain reduction data can be streamed by dynamic processors used in audio equipment that was prepared for this task.

Before using the Gain Reduction instrument, different parameters in the menu must be configured in order to establish communication between external equipment sending Gain Reduction Metering data and the TouchMonitor.


The AES status monitor displays the status bytes from the AES/EBU data stream as plain text or binary data and gives a range of signal status information. The display of the audio data bits and their activity is useful when you need to determine the word width or identify defective bits in the data stream.


The keys of the Global Keyboard can be set to control functions of several instruments in different audio groups internally with the touch screen or externally with the GPIO interface. Depending on the definition of the keys, you also can easily switch between internally stored presets.


Software Modules

Expand the standard software with software modules like Multichannel, Loudness, or other functions as described on the following pages. Purchase and activate the corresponding license according to your needs.

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